Group buys!

As mentioned in the entry announcing this addition, we’re introducing this page in an effort to encourage folks to go in on seed purchases. The way it will work is that, as folks agree on what seed they want to purchase together here, we will take the conversation off-post (probably migrating to an online group) and work out the details. Of course, this being a geographically driven site, we are imagining this will begin as a Chicago group purchase, but don’t feel you can’t join in if you’re not from the city (especially if you’re downstate or in northwest Indiana). We’ll get your seeds to you!

Meanwhile, as an incentive, we’re matching the first $25 worth of group purchase made via the site. The only catch is that we’re using a gift certificate to do the match, so for the matched buy, we’re ordering from Henry Fields. (Don’t hate, Johnny’s groupies – Henry has heirlooms too!)

Please reserve the comments section below for group buy planning; send any questions to and add any other comments to the blog entry on the home page announcing this page.


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