Inventory at the exchange

Here’s the current inventory for the exchange. As significant quantities of seeds come in or as a few weeks pass, the tallies will be updated. Current seed-list.

Seed list:

radish, easter egg
nasturium, fiesta blend
basil, sweet
sunflowers (mix)
tomatoes, grape
tomatoes, black krimm
squash, hybrid zucchini, anton F1
tomato, yellow beefsteak
lettuce, romaine / cos
cosmos, orange
moonflower, white
swiss chard
pea, snow
cucumber, marketmore
bean, roma
pumpkin, connecticut field
brussel catskill
sunflower, mammoth russian
cilantro (coriander)
pepper, chile (early jalapeno)
tomato, carbon
lettuce, sweet mix (rocky top mix)
bean, royalty purple
cosmos, cosmic orange
sweet william, single mixed (flowers)
daisy, gloriosa
sunflower, aztec gold hybrid
cucumber, lemon
zinnia, cut and come again
cosmos, sensation blend
tomato, german red strawberry
lettuce, mesclun
lettuce, romaine / cos
pea, shelling – wando
bean, blue lake pole
dill, bouquet
pepper, chile (early jalapeno)
lettuce (freckles – romaine)
basil, sweet
eggplant, black beauty
onion sets, egyptian
peas, maestro
beans, wax, black
beans, green, prolific
marigolds, compact head (mixed colors)
cabbage, late flat dutch
lettuce, mesclun (q’s special medley)
beans, green
onion, white lisbon bunching
lettuce, early prizehead (lechuga)
beans, romano pole
watermelon, yellow fleshed
peppers, purple bell
oregano, greek
squash, delicata
basil, sacred
tomato, yellow
chamomile, german
broccoli, dicicco
cucumber, white wonder
pepper, aji, brown
dill, dukat
coral bells
squash, delicata open pollinated
squash, bennings green tint summer
pumpkin, big max
pepper, hybrid hot ancho chile ventura F1
hunnemanna, fumterfolia (sunlite)
diantaus, deltoides (microships)
tomato, illini star
mustard (for sprouting)                                                                          carrots, Jaune de doubs
beet, chioggia
kohlrabi, white
daikon, hybrid
swiss chard, bright lights
spinach, hybrid, savoyed leaf
collards, hybrid
kale, hybrid, starbor


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